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Monday, October 26, 2009


Recently, we told you the U.S. government has created a little-known way to own silver-—real, hold-in-your-hand silver--for just $1.25.

I hope you took advantage of that opportunity.
Because, now you’ll need $1.37 for the same opportunity…
That’s the bad news.
But the good news is: we could still be at the earliest stages of a historic run-up.
In fact, now that the move higher has been confirmed, this could be your last, best chance to own real silver.
And let me remind you, this has nothing to do with stocks. And nothing to do with options or anything risky like that.
Why should this government-created silver investment be of interest to you?
Well, I believe silver is still set to explode even further in the coming years... and this is still one of the best and cheapest ways to own it.
Fact is, since we made this report available over the summer, we have been able to see gains on this investmentof nearly 33%… if that continues to play out, could see 12 month gains of 132%.
By the way, you won't see any ads for this investment. I doubt any broker or financial advisor will tell you about it. And if you look on the Internet, there's not a single mention there either.
Yet, I believe this could be one of the easiest and most profitable investments you can make over the next few years.
It's not too late though, already, silver is one of the best-returning assets of 2009(nearly 3-TIMES higher than gold).
And I believe the recent run in silver is just the beginning. Keep in mind, during similar financial times (for example in the 1970s), silver prices shot up 3,733%.

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