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Saturday, October 31, 2009

silver to gold ratio

The ratio gold and silver it is the number of Kilogrammes of silver which one can buy with one kilogramme of gold.

This ratio has varied greatly through history :
90 Was the ratio of silver to gold when the price of an ounce of silver was at a low in 1991. With one kilogram of gold one could buy 90 kilograms of silver.

51Was the average ratio of the price of gold to silver in 2007.

17 Was the gold / silver ratio at the time of the record gold and silver prices in 1980.

15 Was the official ratio of gold to silver during the great period of Bi metallism, 15 ½ for France (1803), 15.68 for the USA (1800), 14,29 for England (1806).

12 Was the gold/silver ratio in Antiquity in Rome.

12.5 Was the ratio in Greece at the time of the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC.

The ratio of production and reserves of gold and silver:

13 Is the ratio of world production from 1493 to 1931. For this 400 year period 13 times more silver than gold was produced.

8 Was the ratio of silver to gold production in the world in 2006. What is being said is that eight times more silver than gold was produced in 2006.

7.64 It the ratio of all production of gold and silver during one century (1900-2003). In the 103 year period, there was 7.64 times more silver than gold produced in the world.

6.4 Was the ratio of the ground reserves of silver to gold in 2000.

- It is astonishing to see that we produce 8 times more silver than gold, that the reserves are 6 times larger, but that the price of the silver is 50 times lower.

- Over the period of the history one kilo of gold was exchanged between 10 and 90 kilograms of silver, today it is exchanged at 51.

- During the raw materials bear market, silver suffered much more than gold. Silver has already caught up with part of the lag in its price, but there still is a way to go.

The price of an ounce of silver will continue to increase more quickly than that of gold. For example, if the gold price rises 100%, the price of silver can increase between 100 and 600% depending on the evolution of the ratio.

With gold at 2000 dollars, the price of an ounce of silver may be between 40 and 100 dollars. As more time passes it is more probable that the ratio will go lower, be patient.

Dr Thomas Chaize

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Silver and gold ratio

The ratio of silver to gold, currently at 62.35, will be “cut in half” in the next three to five years as millions of people in South Asia and China buy the metal as an alternative because they can no longer afford gold, Smith said. Silver has soared 46 percent this year to $16.65 an ounce.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing the Gold / Silver Ratio

If the Gold / Silver Ratio is set to fall further, how could traders play it...?

WHETHER YOU'RE in gold or silver, you should have enjoyed a happy 2009 to date, writes Julian Murdoch at Hard Assets Investor.
As of last Friday's close, gold was at $1,056.40, up 20% year-to-date vs. the Dollar. Silver has done even better; it was up 56% to settle at $17.72 an ounce.
The upward trend has many investors going long in both metals, but there's more you can do with Gold and silver than just buy and hold. You can also play the two metals off one another – but to do it successfully, you must first understand the ever-changing Gold / Silver Ratio.
The Gold / Silver Ratio tells you the number of ounces of silver it would take to purchase one ounce of gold. And if you examine Gold and silver prices reaching back 100 years or more, the historical ratio most commonly quoted is 30:1, where 30 ounces of silver would have bought you one ounce of gold.
But if you look at shorter periods, say the last 12 years for example, the ratio has held closer to 60:1, meaning that it takes lots more silver to buy one ounce of gold. And in just the past three years, the ratio has fluctuated from 45 to 85, driven by the volatility in the individual price of the metals themselves.
As of last week's close, the Gold / Silver Ratio was sitting slightly below 60 ounce

Of course, looking at the ratio in a vacuum tells you nothing – it's just a number, after all. It's only after you factor in the dimension of time and the price movements underlying the number that you can make sense of the Gold / Silver relationship.

What's driving the ratio down over time? The Gold / Silver Ratio will drop if either:
1.Gold decreases more than silver does;
2.Silver increases more than gold does.

This latter case is what we've seen so far in 2009. Since the beginning of the year, both metals have had great returns, but silver has outperformed gold, increasing 56% year-to-date, while gold only increased 20%.

Consequently, that has pushed the Gold / Silver Ratio down. And just how low could the ratio go? Could it ever, say, return to its historical average of 30:1...?
If so, we'd have to see one of the following occur:

With silver remaining stable around $17.55 an ounce, Gold would need to plummet to $531.67;

Silver would need to almost double to $35.21 if gold held steady at $1056.40.

In perhaps the most likely scenario for a lower Gold / Silver Ratio, gold would need to see some retrenchment, combined with continued strength in silver.
The idea of gold plummeting back below $600 without affecting silver, or silver doubling to $35 with gold holding steady, is pretty outrageous. But there is some support for the possibility we might see silver gains decoupling from gold's coattails.
Back when Gold broke the $1000 mark for the first time, in March 2008, silver was trading above $20 an ounce. Now, it's trading in a $16-$18 range. The disparity could indicate silver may be undervalued right now by historical standards.

In addition, silver's fundamentals are improving. With around 50% of silver demand coming from industrial applications such as batteries, electrical switches and other components, analysts have predicted that as the economy recovers, so will demand, thus pushing silver prices higher, as David Thurtell, an analyst with Citigroup in London, reckons:
"Silver is set to benefit from stronger gold, but also the improving outlook for global industrial production."

Meanwhile, the other side of the ratio, gold may not be able to sustain its current price levels, some industry analysts believe. In Harmony Gold's 2009 annual report, CEO Graham Briggs told shareholders recently that gold was still being affected by consumer and investor uncertainty. And in a recent Forbes article, David Wilson, an analyst with Societe Generale, stated that gold's weak fundamentals simply couldn't support last week's high of $1070.40 an ounce.
Yet we still see experts like Jim Rogers predicting gold will soon hit $2000 an ounce. And with weakening gold fundamentals combined with forecasts of high prices, the ratio play right now may be that the Gold / Silver ratio stays on its downward path.
Investors looking to play that trend have several options. Some die-hard precious metals aficionados approach the ratio literally, managing physical stores of the two metals based on ratio targets. Under this strategy, the ultimate goal is typically to increase the number of ounces of gold held, without any real regard for cash price.
For example, let's say the Gold / Silver Ratio is currently at 60, but I think it's going to 30. I can then sell one ounce of gold for 60 ounces of silver, and when the ratio hits 30, I can use my 60 ounces of silver to buy back two ounces of gold. Voila! I have doubled my physical gold holdings.

Of course, if the ratio goes to 120 instead, my 60 ounces of silver only buy me half as much gold as I'd originally held. In some ways, this style of trading feels a bit like playing the child whose older brother convinced him to trade his quarter for two dimes.

A more traditional, but complex, financial strategy would be to make a precious-metals-neutral play. Sell gold short and invest – dollar-for-dollar – in silver. Overall, your exposure to precious metals, given that gold and silver often take similar paths, would be flat. One way to do this would be to sell short shares in the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE Arca: GLD) and invest, dollar-for-dollar, in the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE Arca: SLV). Then it becomes a simple matter of adjusting your holdings depending on which way you feel the ratio will move.

In this trade, you only lose money if gold continues to ramp up and silver stays flat, or if silver collapses. Should both metals rally, you end up even.
Investors with a bigger appetite for risk (perhaps we should say speculators) can carry out the same play using options. Both GLD and SLV offer active options, and for the low price of $9.50 right now you can buy the right to sell GLD for $100 in January of 2011. Likewise, for $3.50, you can get the right to buy SLV at $17.
Such plays are not for the faint of heart, of course, but if you're a true believer in the ratio and its continued reversion to that long-term historical average, it's definitely possible to put a lot of money to work that way. But as always, trader beware!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Untuk menjadi ejen silver boleh sms 0192642849 utk dapatkan butiran lanjut

Silver is Real Money

One reason for silver's surging investment potential is simple: Silver is real money.

With government spending getting out of control, silver is where the smart money is going.
Remember that during the similar economic climate of the 1970's, silver went on an unprecedented rocket ride from $1.29 per ounce to just shy of $50... an increase of nearly 3,733%.
And while I can't guarantee that you'll see a 3,733% return over the next few years, I believe you could make a heck of a lot more money in silver over the next few years than you could holding ordinary stocks, bonds, or mutual funds... and even gold.
Take a look at these two charts showing the demand for silver coins — what I consider to be real money --taking off:

Fundamental changes in the market like these could send silver soaring to $50, $100 and even back to historical highs above $1,000/oz (in 2009 dollars).

Monday, October 26, 2009

world's smartest and richest investors agree

Jim Rogers, multi-millionaire hedge fund manager and commodities expert recently said:

"If you put a gun to my head and said you have to buy one, I would buy silver rather than gold."

John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management LP, says:

"When silver breaks free, I think many people are going to be shocked by how fast and far it goes."

And self-made multi-millionaire Chris Weber says:

"Everything tells me that this bull market will vault silver to levels unimaginable to most people before it is over."

In short, this government-certified silver investment is poised to soar 469% or more over the next several years... making it one of the world's safest, most lucrative investments right now.


Recently, we told you the U.S. government has created a little-known way to own silver-—real, hold-in-your-hand silver--for just $1.25.

I hope you took advantage of that opportunity.
Because, now you’ll need $1.37 for the same opportunity…
That’s the bad news.
But the good news is: we could still be at the earliest stages of a historic run-up.
In fact, now that the move higher has been confirmed, this could be your last, best chance to own real silver.
And let me remind you, this has nothing to do with stocks. And nothing to do with options or anything risky like that.
Why should this government-created silver investment be of interest to you?
Well, I believe silver is still set to explode even further in the coming years... and this is still one of the best and cheapest ways to own it.
Fact is, since we made this report available over the summer, we have been able to see gains on this investmentof nearly 33%… if that continues to play out, could see 12 month gains of 132%.
By the way, you won't see any ads for this investment. I doubt any broker or financial advisor will tell you about it. And if you look on the Internet, there's not a single mention there either.
Yet, I believe this could be one of the easiest and most profitable investments you can make over the next few years.
It's not too late though, already, silver is one of the best-returning assets of 2009(nearly 3-TIMES higher than gold).
And I believe the recent run in silver is just the beginning. Keep in mind, during similar financial times (for example in the 1970s), silver prices shot up 3,733%.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silver - Ag

Silver is a precious white metal which symbol is Ag. Its name comes from the Latin Argentum. Its melting temperature is 961 ° and its density is 10 490 kilogramme/m3.
Industrial use of silver is often associated with the declining use of film, then it represents only 1 / 10 of its use. Silver is used for its conductivity (electronic) and properties bactericidal (nanotechnology of Health). Since the advent of digital photography, industrial demand has largely offset the decline in demand for photographic film. Physical properties of silver: ductility, conductivity, malleability, make its industrial use is increasing every year. Industrial demand for silver represents half of the silver in the world. Silver is used for its qualities in the electronic conductivity of quality: mobile phones, printed circuit, solar cell. As conductor of electricity, It is best than copper or gold. Diamond is the best driver, but it is much more expensive and less convenient as you will agree. Silver is also used for its bactericidal properties (clothing, bandages, refrigerators, water purifiers, dental amalgam ,...). Silver is also used as a catalyst, for soldering or welding in the manufacture of battery, mirror. The jewel is the second source of consumption of silver with a small quarter of the requests, and one small quarter of the demand comes from photography, coins, and silver medals.

On the supply side, 8 / 10 are provided by mining, 2 / 10 by recycling (sales of central bank silver declines). This is the recycling of silver that makes up the difference between demand and world production of silver. However, it is increasingly difficult to launder silver, given the decline in photographic film and the rise of industrial use. It is indeed used in many products in small quantities.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Gambar SilverBar

SilverBar Untuk Dimiliki

Silver Bar berat ~ 100 gm (99.5-100.5 gm)

Silver Bar buatan tangan oleh tukang Emas/perak. Nilai berat adalah dalam lingkungan 99.50 sehingga 100.5 gm. Di mana, buatan tangan ini agak sukar untuk mendapat ketepatan seperti di buat oleh mesin. Namun begitu, "purity' adalah 999 atau perak sepuluh bahasa yg biasa digunakan di Kelantan.

Harga Perak yg semakin tinggi telah mendapat perhatian ramai masyarakat utk mengenali dan memahaminya dgn lebih dekat lagi. Oleh itu, adalah wajar bagi anda yg baru ingin mengetahui mengenai perak ini mendapatkan artikel di sini atau di sini .
Pengisian ilmu dan memahaminya dari sudut Islam dan pelaburan akan menyebabkan anda akan mengetahui hala tuju sebenarnya. Oleh sebab itu, anda akan mengetahui apakah sebenarnya yg diwar-warkan oeh pihak kami selama ini.

Secara amnya, ada beberapa sudut yg boleh dilihat mengenai emas atau perak ini. Sama ada ia dilihat sebagai pelaburan atau aset. Kedua-duanya adalah sama, tetapi agak berbeza. Jika di ambil pelaburan sebagai Subjek, maka anda hanya akan melihat prospek nilai logam tersebut dari segi kenaikan harga dan keuntungannya sebagai faedahnya. Masa adalah memainkan peranan yg penting dan juga keadaan pasaran masa kini bagi mereka yg terlibat sebegini. Manakala, jika dilihat drp perspektif sebagai satu aset.. maka ia akan berlainan pendekatannya.

Apabila melihat sebagai satu aset, anda akan memikirkan bagaimana anda ingin memperolehi aset ini dan menambahnya dari semasa ke semasa. Bukan bermakna anda tidak mengambil kira nilainya, tetapi anda melihatnya sebagai satu aset pemilikan yg setara dgn Rumah atau tanah dll. Jadi, anda akan menyimpannya, bukan sekadar keuntungan tetapi sebagai satu pemilikan. Yang mana hasil pemilikan ini akan dilihat kesan ketaranya dalam jangka masa panjang. Ia juga bermakna anda tidaklah terdesak utk memiliki logam ini sebagai satu cara mendapat sumber kewangan semata-mata. Tapi, ia lebih kepada alternatif simpanan drp duit lebihan belanja bulanan yg ditukarkan kpd  bentuk aset. Hanya, jika berlaku situasi yg tertentu anda perlu mencairkannya utk mengatasi masalah tersebut.

Sebgai contoh, anda telah menyimpan 1 dinar setiap bulan selama 5 tahun, bersamaan 60 dinar. Katakan nilai sekarang ialah RM 500, dan 5 tahun lagi akan menjadi RM 800 = 1 dinar. 5 tahun akan datang aset dinar anda adalah bernilai RM 48,000. Anda tidak akan merasai sebanyak itu jika anda menyimpan pada setiap bulan tanpa gagal.  Anda hanya merasakan anda hanya menyimpan 60 keping dinar sahaja. Nampak, hasilnya dalam jangka masa panjang. Dan, jika sesuatu berlaku anda dlm masa 5 tahun tersebut yg mana memerlukan wang, anda hanya perlu mencairkan aset anda dan selesaikan masalah anda.

Jadi, lihatlah dari 2 sudut yg berlainan, iaitu sebagai pelaburan dan juga satu lagi ialah pemilikan aset.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Production of silver : a by-product.

Only a small third of silver production comes from the production of silver mines, the rest comes from a small third of mine production of zinc and lead, a quarter of the copper mines and one-eighth of gold mines (the natural alloy of gold and silver is called electrum). That silver is expensive or not, it has little importance for ¾ producers silver in the world because they are producers of zinc, lead, copper and gold before being producers of silver. I am not saying that this does not concern them, but the price of zinc, lead, copper and gold that matter most to them. These metals are their primary source of income, silver is only one income. The price of silver is like the “icing on the cake”. For this reason the production of silver is unique, it depends on the fundamentals of zinc, copper, lead and gold. As production of platinum is separated from the palladium, the money is inseparable from the production of gold and industrial metals such as copper, zinc and lead. Thus the first five silver producing countries are all part of the top 5 producers of copper, zinc, lead and gold.

According to the USGS silver production in the world in 2008 is estimated at 20 900 tonnes of silver or 671 million ounces of silver, a new record for silver production. In 2007, production was 20 800 tonnes of silver, or 668 million ounces of silver. Silver production has benefited from record zinc prices in 2006 / 2007, of copper from 2006 to 2008, lead in August 2007, gold and silver in 2008. It is therefore not surprising that 2007 and 2008 to be record years for the production of silver. However, the end of 2008 and early 2009 have seen the price of zinc, copper, lead to collapse below their current production. At that time the bank funding disappears and capitalization mine down, and this will have consequences on the production of silver in 2009 despite the high price of gold and silver.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cincin Perak 925 "rolex"

                            CINCIN PERAK 925, BATU SWISS
                                                  RM 125.00

Boleh ditempah dan dipilih saiz, gambar di atas adalah bagi saiz 21

Sila SMS ke 0192642849 untuk tempahan

Perak sebagai perhiasan lelaki

Saya ambil drp Laman Web Ust Zaharudin utk renungan...Untuk persoalan sebenarnya sila ke link Ust Zaharudin

Jelas dari penjelasan ini, bahwa emas putih bukanlah platinum sebagaimana yang didakwa beberapa pihak sehingga membawa kepada fatwa halal orang lelaki memakai emas putih kerana ia adalah platinum.

Kesimpulannya : Halal bagi lelaki memakai platinum dan haram baginya untuk memakai emas putih. Bagaimanapun yang terpilih tetap perak bagi orang lelaki, kerana ia adalah sunnah Nabi SAW jua.

Ust Zaharuddin Abd Rahman
12 Feb 2007
24 Muharram 1427


Kami ingin memaklumkan kepada semua peminat perak. Harga Perak Mentah dan jongkong akan kekal sebegini (boleh dilihat di blog ini) sehingga 31 okt 09... Ini kerana, kami menawarkan kemudahan utk anda di waktu sekarang ini..

Sekian Terima Kasih.

PG akan memperkenalkan Dirham

Semalam saya pergi ke Seminar PG di Kota Bharu. Dewan agak penuh dengan kedatangan orang ramai. Nampaknya, semakin ramai ejen dan orang yg berminat dgn Public Gold ni.

Apa yg saya nak katakan di sini ialah PG akan memperkenalkan DIRHAM tidak lama lagi. Ia akan dimulakan dgn nilai 3 dirham.... Contoh adalah seperti di gambar. (maaf gambar kurang jelas)

Lain-lain penerangan akan diupdate kemudian

Major producers of silver in the world -Point to ponder .

1. Peru produced 118.5 million ounces of silver in 2008, 17.6% of world production of silver. The four largest mines of Peru produce 47.2% of the silver of the country, 55 million ounces of silver produced in 2008. The production of silver has almost doubled since 1998 from 65 million ounces of silver to 118 million ounces of silver (3 685 tonnes of silver).
These four mines primarily produce zinc, gold, copper and even molybdenum. The production of silver is an associate production. Peru is the largest producer in the world of silver, the second largest producer of copper, the third largest producer of zinc, lead the fourth and fifth gold. His first producer of silver is the result of the high level of the four other productions.

2. Mexico is the second largest producer of silver. In 2008, Mexico produced 96.4 million ounces of silver (3 000 tonnes of silver). Mexico is to silver production that South Africa was to gold production. Mexico has lost its position as leading producer of silver in favor of Peru in 2002. Mexico is also the 6th producer of zinc and lead producer 5th.

3. Silver production in China is 83.5 million ounces of silver in 2008 (2600 tonnes of silver). China is the 3rd producer of silver in the world. The main reason is probably the most important Chinese production of zinc. Indeed, China is by far the largest producer of zinc in the world. China is also the 1st largest producer of lead and gold.

4. Chile has produced 64.3 million ounces of silver (2 000 tonnes of silver) last year which gives him the rank of fourth largest producer of silver. This large production of silver is closer to its position as the world's largest producer of copper.

5. Australia is the fifth largest producer of silver in the world with a production of 57.8 million ounces of silver (1 800 tonnes of silver). Australia is also the 2nd largest producer of zinc and lead, 4th largest gold and 5th place for copper. Australian production of silver is only a by-product of these metals.

6. The majority of the production of silver from Poland which is the 6th largest producer of silver with 41.7 million ounces of silver (1300 tonnes of silver) comes to 90% of one copper mine.

The 7th and the 8th largest producer of silver are the USA with 40.5 million ounces of silver (1 260 tonnes of silver) and Canada with 25.7 million ounces of silver (800 tons of silver). They both were the world's leading producers of silver in the early 1970s, are both below their level of production time.

The production of silver depends on ¾ of the mine production of copper, zinc, lead and gold. The production of silver depends on the prices of these metals that the price of silver itself!

The production of silver increased while production of copper, zinc, lead and gold increased. The fact that the first five silver producing countries are also the leading producer of copper, zinc, lead and gold is not a coincidence but geology. I have already broached the subject of production of gold and zinc, there are two unknown copper and lead. I write about these two metals in the coming months to give you all the pieces of the production silver in the world.

Dr Thomas Chaize

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rupa bentuk perak mentah (raw )

Kalau nak tengok rupa bentuk perak mentah nih, sila klik kat link di atas.

t. kasih

History of Silver in America

Silver has attracted man's interest for thousands of years. In ancient times, silver deposits were plentiful on or near the earth's surface. Relics of ancient civilizations, include jewelry, religious artifacts, and food vessels formed from the durable, malleable metal.
In 1792, silver assumed a key role in the United States monetary system when Congress based the currency on the silver dollar, and its fixed relationship to gold. Silver was used for the nation's coinage until its use was discontinued in 1965.
At the turn of the century, an even more important economic function was emerging for silver, that of an industrial raw material.
Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, and as an appealing investment. The largest industrial users of silver are the photographic, jewelry, and electronic industries.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Audi A8,Made from puRe silver, 999

Ditempah khas oleh Pak Arab drp Arab Saudi. Boleh bayangkan berapa beratnya tak?
Tapi, ada expert berpendapat ia bukan lah 100% drp Perak... Ini kerana logam perak agak berat...
Kesahihan cerita ini belum dapat dipastikan, namun begitu ia pernah keluar di dalam Ths Star awal tahun ini jikat tidak silap.

Moral of the story, Perak ni semakin di gemari dan menjadi kegilaan orang ramai masa kini. Lebih-lebih lagi, setelah harganya yg semakin naik sekarang ini.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wikipedia: PERAK II

Perak atau argentum (daripada bahasa Latin Argentum, daripada Bahasa Yunani ἀργήντος - argēntos) ialah sejenis logam kimia keunsuran yang mempunyai simbol Ag dan nombor atom 47. Perak berwarna putih berkilau dan adalah sejenis logam peralihan.

Kekonduksian (keberaliran) elektrik logam perak adalah yang paling tinggi bagi kesemua unsur manakala kekonduksian haba logam perak adalah yang paling tinggi bagi logam-logam. Perak wujud dalam semula jadi dalam bentuk tulen (perak asli), namun boleh juga diperolehi dalam bentuk aloi dengan emas (elektrum) atau dalam banyak jenis mineral (sebagai contoh argentit dan klorargirit). Logam perak kebanyakannya diperoleh daripada hasil sampingan perlombongan tembaga, emas, plumbum dan zink.

Logam ini telah diketahui semenjak zaman dahulu kala lagi dan memang telah lama dianggap sebagai logam berharga. Perak digunakan untuk menghasilkan bahan perhiasan, barang kemas, peralatan dan perkakas dapur yang bernilai tinggi dan duit syiling. Pada masa kini, logam perak digunakan untuk menghasilkan konduktor (pengalir) elektrik dan penyambung elektrik. Logam ini juga digunakan dalam pembuatan cermin dan dalam pemangkinan tindak balas kimia. Sebatian perak pula digunakan dalam filem fotografi. Larutan cair argentum nitrat dan sebatian-sebatian perak yang lain digunakan untuk menghasilkan bahan nyakjangkit. Walaupun penggunaan antimikrob ini telah kebanyakannya digantikan oleh penggunaan antibiotik, kajian lanjut masih dilaksanakan untuk mengkaji potensinya dalam bidang klinikal.

Wikipedia: PERAK

Nama, simbol, nombor perak, Ag, 47

Siri kimia logam peralihan

Kumpulan, kala, blok 11, 5, d

Rupa putih berkilau

Jisim atom piawai 107.8682(2) g·mol−1

Tatarajah elektron [Kr] 4d10 5s1

Elektron pada setiap petala 2, 8, 18, 18, 1

Warna perak

Fasa pepejal

Ketumpatan (pada suhu bilik) 10.49 g·cm−3

Ketumpatan cecair pada takat lebur 9.320 g·cm−3

Takat lebur 1234.93 K

(961.78 °C, 1763.2 °F)

Takat didih 2435 K

(2162 °C, 3924 °F)

Haba lakuran 11.28 kJ·mol−1

Haba pengewapan 250.58 kJ·mol−1

Muatan haba tentu (25 °C) 25.350 J·mol−1·K−1

Tekanan wap P/Pa 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k

pada T/K 1283 1423 1575 1782 2055 2433

Sifat keatoman

Keadaan pengoksidaan 1, 2, 3

(Oksida amfoterik)

Keelektronegatifan 1.93 (skala Pauling)

Jejari atom 160 pm

Jejari atom terhitung 165 pm

Jejari kovalen 153 pm

Jejari Van der Waals 172 pm


Sifat magnet diamagnet

Kerintangan elektrik (20 °C) 15.87 nΩ·m

Kekonduksian terma (300 K) 429 W·m−1·K−1

Kebauran terma (300 K) 174 mm²/s

Pengembangan terma (25 °C) 18.9 µm·m−1·K−1

Kelajuan bunyi (rod halus) (suhu bilik) 2680 m·s−1

Modulus Young 83 GPa

Modulus ricih 30 GPa

Nisbah Poisson 0.37

Skala Vickers 251 MPa

Kekerasan Brinell 24.5 MPa

Nombor CAS 7440-22-4

Isotop-isotop terpilih

Rencana utama: Isotop perak iso NA separuh hayat DM DE (MeV) DP

105Ag syn 41.2 h ε - 105Pd

γ 0.344, 0.280,

0.644, 0.443 -

106mAg syn 8.28 h ε - 106Pd

γ 0.511, 0.717,

1.045, 0.450 -

107Ag 51.839% Ag stabil dengan 60 neutron

108mAg syn 418 thn ε - 108Pd

IT 0.109 108Ag

γ 0.433, 0.614,

0.722 -

109Ag 48.161% Ag stabil dengan 62 neutron

111Ag syn 7.45 h β- 1.036, 0.694 111Cd

γ 0.342 -

Friday, October 16, 2009

Masa utk beli Perak

Saya rasa ini lah masa sesuai utk membeli Perak. Ini kerana harganya telah jatuh dan ada potensi utk naik semula mggu depan. Jadi, mengapa tunggu lagi.... marilah kita pakat beli Perak

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jongkong Perak PublicDirham Omar

Berikut adalah jongkong Perak Omar yg dibentuk oleh Omar dengan berat 250 gm. Namun begitu ia belum siap sepenuhnya lagi

Bagaimana bentuk Perak Mentah

Pada umumnya terdapat beberapa kategori perak mentah ini. Secara umumnya di kebanyakan dalam pasaran Malaysia ini (terutama si semenanjung Malaysia) terdapat dua jenis. Kebanyakan sumber adalah daripada proses peleburan semula dan pengasingan. Atau di sesetengah tempat masyarakat menggelarnya 'Perak Tarik' atau 'Perak Sepuluh' yg bermaksud perak tulen yg dihasilkan drp proses peleburan dan pengasingan.Hasil drp proses ini, anda akan dapati bentuknya adalah seperti bertih jagung berkilat. Lihat gambar.

Ada juga yg berbentuk seperti 'ball bearing' yg mana agak susah diperolehi. Kebanyakannya, ia diimport drp luar. Mengikut kata tukang emas/perak, perak yg berbentuk seperti 'ball bearing' ini adalah lebih mudah utk dibentuk. Nmaun begitu, nilai atau grednya tetap sama. Lihat gambar.

HARGA RUNTUH utk hari ni sahaja


Bersempena pembukaan blog SILVERHUNTER ini, saya akan menjual dengan harga RUNTUH... terhad kepada 3 kg sahaja. Jadi, sila sms 0192642849 AZHARI utk dapatkan harga. Penghantaran terus di sekitar Kota Bharu. Tempat lain akan dibincangkan cara penghantaran.

INGAT.... hanya 3 kg sahaja.... HARI INI sahaja

P/S:   Perak yg ditawarkan adalah jenis Raw Material


Bagi para peminat emas dan perak. Nantikan kemunculan jongkong perak dan dirham perak yg akan diperkenalkan tidak lama lagi. Oleh kerana harga emas dan perak semakin naik, inilah masa untuk kita melabur dgn perak bagi mendapatkan keuntungan maksima dalam jangkamasa pendek... (dalam 6 bulan mengikut perkiraan kadar kenaikan harga sekarang). Bagi anda yg mempunyai modal sederhana bolehlah berbuat demikian. Ini kerana anda harus menyimpan perak tersebut sebelum menjual semula. Lagipun kosnya adalah lebih rendah drp emas, cuma tiada institusi atau syarikat yg secara rasmi menerima semula penjualan perak ini. Namun begitu, kalau anda kenal Omar Kulim, beliau adalah satu-satu individu yg menerima semula perak untuk dijual....

Oleh itu, bersedialah utk menerima kehadiran logam baru yg bakal menyaingi emas satu hari nanti. Ini semua termaktub di dalam hadis nabi, di mana suatu hari nanti hanya emas dan perak yg berharga. Insyaallah, jika semua berjalan dgn lancar, satu sistem yg lebih praktikal akan diperkenalkan dan di selaraskan dari segi harga, mutu dan juga kualitinya bagi memudahkan para peminat PERAK ini.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cerita Mengenai Perak

Memertabatkan Dirham

One Year Silver Chart

Silver prices advance, though spread over gold still a long way off

Silver prices typically advance when gold futures rise, but event though silver futures were trading higher on Monday, Oct 12, 2009, gains are only matching gold price swings as the dollar continues to lead metals trading action.Silver contracts rose 0.145, or 0.82%, to trade at $17.835 by 1pm ET Monday despite the Columbus Day holiday in the US and Thanksgiving holiday in Canada. But all that glitters seems to be gold, which was trading up $8.90 per ounce, or 0.85%, at $1057.50, looking more like it would begin a new week's rally in precious metals all over again.
Standard Bank commodity analysts said that while the dollar was greatly influencing the price swing for silver and gold, other factors were at work.
The metals analyst at Standard Bank held to their forecast of $1,100 gold in the fourth quarter of 2009, citing growing demand for the precious metals by commodity investors.




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Nilai 1 kg Rm 20
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Nilai di bawah 500 gm Rm 18
Nilai 1 kg Rm 30
500gm berikutnya Rm 12

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