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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silver - Ag

Silver is a precious white metal which symbol is Ag. Its name comes from the Latin Argentum. Its melting temperature is 961 ° and its density is 10 490 kilogramme/m3.
Industrial use of silver is often associated with the declining use of film, then it represents only 1 / 10 of its use. Silver is used for its conductivity (electronic) and properties bactericidal (nanotechnology of Health). Since the advent of digital photography, industrial demand has largely offset the decline in demand for photographic film. Physical properties of silver: ductility, conductivity, malleability, make its industrial use is increasing every year. Industrial demand for silver represents half of the silver in the world. Silver is used for its qualities in the electronic conductivity of quality: mobile phones, printed circuit, solar cell. As conductor of electricity, It is best than copper or gold. Diamond is the best driver, but it is much more expensive and less convenient as you will agree. Silver is also used for its bactericidal properties (clothing, bandages, refrigerators, water purifiers, dental amalgam ,...). Silver is also used as a catalyst, for soldering or welding in the manufacture of battery, mirror. The jewel is the second source of consumption of silver with a small quarter of the requests, and one small quarter of the demand comes from photography, coins, and silver medals.

On the supply side, 8 / 10 are provided by mining, 2 / 10 by recycling (sales of central bank silver declines). This is the recycling of silver that makes up the difference between demand and world production of silver. However, it is increasingly difficult to launder silver, given the decline in photographic film and the rise of industrial use. It is indeed used in many products in small quantities.

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