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Monday, December 27, 2010

If You Haven't Bought Silver Yet, Read This

Brian's note: We're opening our holiday series on silver with an essay from master precious metals investor Chris Weber. When we originally published this essay back in November, it got a huge response. Many readers haven't yet bought silver… and after the precious metal's huge run up, they're worried it's too late. If you fall into that camp, read on…

By Chris Weber, editor, The Weber Global Opportunities Report
Monday, December 27, 2010

The last time I was able to identify a period when a precious metals correction was about over happened two years ago…
At that time, gold hit a low of $693 and silver $9.63. Since then, gold has risen about 100%, but silver has soared 206%. This is an extraordinary occurrence in just two years.
Back in October, I thought both metals, and especially silver, were due for a rest, and perhaps a correction.

Silver reached $24.75 on October 14. I expected a back-off to begin. Silver briefly touched as low as $23. That is a 7% fall. In the universe of silver, this is nothing. And then the rise resumed. In December, silver reached a new high of $30.50.

This all feels unprecedented to me. Gold has not been giving people an advantageous entry point for a long time now. But silver is supposed to crash at certain times… It can almost be relied upon to do this.
Not this time. At least, not so far. Given an opportunity to correct or even consolidate its prior gains, silver barely takes a breath and then reaches new highs.

Why? Some say silver shorts are covering. But why now? Why this time? Silver prices refused to fall, and then rose… Of course under these circumstances shorts will cover.
No answer I've heard is satisfying. I just take the price action as the news. And the news is that this is bullish behavior the likes of which I don't think I even saw back in the last bull market of the 1970s.

Of course, over the life of that bull market, silver soared from $1.29 to $48: a rise of 3,600%. So far this time, silver has only risen from $4.03 to about $29.50 today. That's "just" 632% during a similar time period.

But the feeling this time is different. Silver has only had one typical correction: from $23 to just under $10. But while the percentage correction was typical (over 50%), it was all over in just seven months. A huge and powerful bull then quickly returned silver to new highs.
And so far, this time, when I expected a real rest, silver isn't having it at all.

It is possible that average investors now think gold is too expensive for them and see silver as something they should have. For a few hundred dollars or the equivalent in other currencies, silver is regarded as within the budgets of all investors, be they from India or Indiana, from China or Chinon.

Can you imagine what would happen if every investor on earth became convinced they needed to own some silver? My old forecast of $187 per ounce may start to not look so wild.

One other thing has happened recently that I haven't seen mentioned. Silver has now clearly overtaken gold as the best-performing asset class since 2000. Gold has risen from $256 to $1,390. That is a rise of 443%. Silver has risen from $4.02 to $29.50. That is a rise of 632%.
As important, those advising silver accumulation have been few in number, and remain so.

For those who have been waiting to buy or add to their silver holdings, there is no guarantee we'll have any big correction, or even a consolidation. I'm forced to advise people to simply buy or add without trying to time their purchases.

In general, this is what you should do in a bull market, but I had until now thought I was clever enough to attempt to time purchases a little. I no longer consider myself so clever. So my advice is to bite the bullet and accumulate at least some physical silver.

Good investing,

Chris Weber

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Silver Raw OFFER... Sale

Silver Raw RM 3000 3150   3250 / kg

Hubungi segera 019 264 2849

RM 10 utk pos laju utk setiap 1 kg

tertakluk kpd harga pasaran semasa

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silver Raw dlm paket kecil ( Seboka = 54 gm)

Kepada yg ingin membeli silver raw dlm jumlah kecil. Kami sediakan dlm paket kecil iaitu SEBOKA ( istilah tukang Perak Kelantan ) bersamaan 54 gm.

Mengikut harga semasa.

Harga hari ini : RM 175 / pcs

Sila sms utk dapatkan harga utk
hari berikutnya.

*** RM 10 utk kos pos

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harga Terbaik

Silverbar 50 gm KASIH   RM 195 +  free pos express  ( pos laju + rm5)   ( 3 pcs only)  2 only

10 Dirham  RM 195 +  free pos express  ( pos laju + rm5)                          ( 2 pcs only)

5  Dirham RM 95  +  free pos express ( pos laju + rm5)                             ( 2 pcs only)

Promosi adalah selama 3  last day

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rakan Niaga DGE & SGE Group baru

Anda boleh dapatkan produk silverbar degan bro Ujang.
Contact Ujang di Negeri Sembilan utk berurusan:

019-245 6085/ 019 - 2282 904

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

50 gm silverbar siap utk tempahan

Silverbar KASIH 50 gm sudah boleh diperolehi selepas Hari Raya Korban.
Bagi yg mahu mnenempah sila hubungi
Haji Omar 013 4250872
Azhari 019 2642849

Harga adalah mengikut harga semasa dan tambahan pos laju mengikut
kuantiti barang yg ditempah. Minimum pos caj adalah rm 10

Saturday, November 6, 2010

50 gm Silverbar

Masih dalam perancangan

Kepada peminat/pengumpul perak, oleh kerana permintaan ramai DGE Group akan memperkenalkan 50gm silverbar tidak lama lagi... Insyaallah.

Namun begitu, pengeluaran ini agak terhad, mengikut stok silver raw yg boleh kita perolehi dlm masa terdekat ini. Ianya masih dlm pertimbangan dan akan dimaklumkan setelah segala kajian selesai.

Terima kash...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Latest Silver Trend

Silver hit the higest price

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

History of silver price from 1960 to 1965

For decades, the Treasury had been a net buyer of silver. By 1960, it had become a net seller. In 1960, the Treasury sold 22 million ounces of silver in bullion form, and used another 46 million ounces in coinage. The next year the Treasury had to sell 63 million ounces of bullion and use another 56 million ounces to replace silver coins that had been taken out of circulation by investors. That year, 1961, the Treasury realized that it would run out of silver for use in coinage and as a reserve against silver certificates unless it took drastic measures to begin phasing silver out of currency. In 1961, the Treasury ordered $5 and $10 silver certificates out of circulation, freeing silver reserves held against these bills and reducing the public’s call on Treasury silver. In November 1961 the government also suspended silver bullion sales by the Treasury at the formerly fixed price of 91 cents.

Once the Treasury stopped selling at that price, market quotes for silver quickly rose. In June 1963 the Treasury also replaced the $1 silver certificate with Federal Reserve notes. By 1963, silver prices reached $1.29, the monetary value of silver in coinage. At prices above this level, holders of silver certificates would have been able to redeem them for more valuable silver, under the now-defunct silver certificate legislation. (The other trigger price the Treasury worried about was $1.38, at which level it was profitable to recycle coinage for its silver content.)

During this transition period, the U.S. Treasury still had to keep the silver market well supplied, in order to keep the silver market relatively calm until it had completed the withdrawal of silver form its currency. In late 1963 the Treasury resumed its silver bullion sales, as part of this effort. Over the six years between 1960 and 1965, the Treasury sold a total of 342 million ounces of silver bullion. It used another 814 million ounces of silver in coinage during this same time. In total, the Treasury used 1,156,000,000 ounces of its silver reserves. Much of this silver, especially the bulk of it used in coins, found its way quickly into the hands of investors. Government steps to remove silver from the currency led investors to conclude that the price of silver would rise sharply once the Treasury no longer was supplying the market with such large volumes of the metal.

Fabrication demand continued to rise sharply. Industrial use, excluding coinage, rose at a 9 percent per annum pace, from 212.9 million ounces in 1959 to 355.8 million ounces in 1965. Including coinage, which grew rapidly during this same time due to the investor run on coins, total fabrication demand rose 16% per annum. Mine production, in contrast rose only 1.9% per year from 195.6 million ounces in 1959 to 218.4 million ounces in 1965.

Secondary recovery of silver was starting to expand, in part spurred by the realization that with the passing of Treasury silver sales and coinage programs the market would need to recover increasing amounts of silver from scrapped items. It was clear to market participants that silver prices had been restrained by the Treasury’s willingness to fill the gap between market supplies and industrial demand, and that once the Treasury’s silver was gone, additional supplies would have to be found elsewhere. Coin melt rose from 10 million ounces in 1960 to 30 million ounces in 1965. Silver recycling from other items rose from 40 million ounces in 1960 to 57 million ounces in 1965.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tawaran membeli "Scrap Silver" dgn harga tinggi







RM 0.80 / gm

Sunday, October 17, 2010

History of silver price from 1950 to 1960

From the end of World War II until the early 1960s, fabrication demand for silver rose strongly. This period witnessed the rebuilding of Europe and Japan, and a tremendous push worldwide toward electrification, housing construction, and consumer durables. Many electrical appliances, as well as electrical generation and transmission systems, use silver, which was one of the major factors behind this extended boom in industrial silver usage. At least as important was the advent of mass market photographic products, which sharply increased the use of silver in photographic films and papers.

There was another reason why fabricators were eagerly turning to silver during this period. The U.S. Treasury had a silver inventory that, as of 1950, stood at 2 billion ounces. Furthermore, Treasury policy was to buy domestically mined silver at 90.5 cents per ounce and sell silver at 91 cents, effectively putting a cap on the United States market price of silver.

In this way, the U.S. Treasury was the buyer or seller of last resort in the silver market, by virtue of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 (itself one of a series of such laws extending back to the 1870s). The 1934 law authorized the Treasury to buy silver either until:

•the market price reached $1.29 (the monetary value of silver) or

•the monetary value of Treasury silver stocks reached one-third of the monetary value of the Treasury’s gold stocks

This purchase program remained in effect, in essence, until 1961. During the intervening 28 years, the Treasury acquired 3.2 billion ounces of silver. About half was acquired in the first four years, from 1934 through 1937, and the other half between 1937 and 1955.

A good portion of this silver was acquired from U.S. mines: 880 million ounces, or nearly all domestic production from 1937 to 1955. About 110 million ounces were purchased during the first three months following passage of this legislation in 1934. The law prohibited Americans from owning non-monetary silver, and directed them to sell it to the Treasury. A great deal of silver was also imported. Between 1934 and 1939, nearly 2 billion ounces of silver came from other countries. Market prices ranged between 25 cents and the ceiling created by the Treasury’s set price of 90.5 cents during these years, but spent most of the time below 75 cents. U.S. fabrication demand (excluding coinage), which totaled 1.8 billion ounces from 1935 through 1955, was met by imported silver.

By 1955, the demand for silver was great enough to push market prices above the Treasury’s 90.5 cents purchase price. Since the Treasury was a seller at 91 cents, the price remained around this level for several more years, as the Treasury’s reserves were depleted. While the 1934 law directed the Treasury to buy silver with an eye on boosting the silver price to $1.29, the Treasury’s policy during the late 1950s was designed to keep silver prices below the point at which coins would be melted down, to allow time for the Treasury to extricate itself from the silver market.

Treasury reserves peaked in 1959, when the U.S. Treasury had 2,060,000,000 ounces on hand, and another 1,331,000,000 ounces were outside the Treasury in circulating coinage, for a total of 3,391,000,000 ounces.

In summary, the post-war period saw silver demand rise sharply, while mine production and other supplies were relatively stable. The U.S. Treasury sold tremendous amounts of stockpiled silver during the years after 1955, in order to keep the price of silver below its "monetary value." Additionally, the actual growth of the overall economy increased the need for circulating coinage. One reason for the Treasury’s sales was straightforward: if silver’s market value rose above its monetary value, $1.29 per ounce, holders of U.S. silver certificates, one form of currency in circulation at the time, could trade in these $1, $5, and $10 bills in exchange for silver bullion. Also, there would be an enormous incentive for individuals to melt down the silver coins in circulation.
Had the Treasury not been present as a seller of silver, market supplies from other sources would have been hard pressed to keep pace with the growth of fabrication demand, and the price of silver most likely would have risen sharply during the late 1950s and early 1960s

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Menyimpan 1 kg Perak bagi setiap seorang anak

Tajuk kali ini agak keterlaluan, tapi ada maksud tersirat jika di kaji. Jika kita mengambil contoh graf pada posting yg lepas ( di sini ), kita akan mendapati bahawa peningkatan perak ini, tidak dapat tidak akan berlaku juga. Bahawasanya, org yg baru berjinak2 dgn perak dalam setahun dua ni juga terpaksa mengakui ianya berlaku dan terjadi. Ia betul dlm jangka masa hanya 1 1/2 sahaja kenaikan per kg ialah lebih kurang rm 700 ( bagi harga semasa silver raw di pasaran )

Sebagai contoh, jika dilihat daripada graf di atas, katakan pada tahun 1991 bapa kita telah  membuat simpanan 1 kg perak pada umur 1 tahun dan pada tahun 2007 pada ketika itu umur kita sudah mencapai 16 tahun.

Data bagi tahun 1991 : harga perak purata tahun tersebut ialah 4.05 usd/ oz = rm 0.46 / gm
Data bagi tahun 2007: harga perak purata tahun tersebut ialah 13.38 usd/ oz = rm 1.51 / gm
Nota: ambil sbg 1USD fixed = RM 3.5 

Sebagai pengiraan:
tahun 1991 : 1 kg = RM 460
tahun 2007:  1 kg = RM 1510
kenaikan:   RM 1050 dlm masa 16 tahun =  328 % kenaikan (purata 20.5 % kenaikan dlm setahun)
Tetapi jika dibandingkan dgn harga sekarang: nilainya telah menjadi lebih tinggi
Tahun 2010  (13 oct ):  RM 2640
kenaikan :  RM 2180 = (473 % )
Dari contoh pengiraan di atas, adalah berbaloi utk kita membuat sedikit simpanan utk anak2 di mana ianya akan menampakkan hasil jika dibuat utk simpanan jangka masa panjang. Adalah tidak keterlaluan, 1 kg silver utk seorang anak. Kita perlu membuat perkiraan awal kerana harga perak kian meningkat dan modal utk 1 kg juga akan semakin tinggi.
Sekian utk posting kali ini. Terima kasih kpd saudara Ujangs yg membuat satu kempen yg amat berkesan kpd rakan2 kita di Blog tokei emas. Hubungi rakan2 kita yg ada menjual pelbagai produk perak selain kami di DGE dan SGE Group spt Silver Ray, Cikgu Azrul, Hazzyati, Adam,  dan lain2 yg tidak di sebut di sini.

Nota: harga di atas adalah berpandukan harga spot, bukan harga pasaran

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tawaran 10 Dirham 10.10.10

SEMPENA 10.10.10

sila hubungi:
Hj Omar 013 4250872
Azhari 019 2642849



HANYA 10 kpg

RM 160

Wednesday, October 6, 2010







1, 5 DAN 10



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barang Kemas Silver

Rantai tangan

Rantai Tangan Perak

Cincin Perak Batu Zamrud


Cincin Perak Lelaki
(belah rotan)

Cincin Perak Batu Kayu

Cincin Perak Jalur Emas

Rantai Tangan

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 Dirham Malaysia dan New face 100 gm Silverbar- WOW!!!

Seperti mana yg di war-warkan. Maka semalam telah terlakar satu lagi sejarah penghasilan Dirham tempatan. 10 Dirham dgn ciri2 ke'Malaysia'an telah berjaya dihasilkan. Syabas bro Omar...
Bukan itu sahaja, malah rupa bentuk baru 100 gm silberbar pun telah berjaya dihasilkan. Dengan usaha keras mereka telah membuahkan hasil. Impian utk menghasilkan barangan yg betul2 berkualiti telah terlaksana. Walau pun tinggi modal yg dikeluarkan, tetapi semangat utk melihat produk Silver drp anak tempatan, lebih2 lagi dari kalangan orang Melayu mereka tetap berusaha tanpa mengenal erti penat dan lelah.

 Bantuan dan sokongan drp rakan-rakan amatlah dihargai. Insyaallah, selepas ini kita akan terus berusaha demi mencapai objektif yang satu" Mengembalikan Dinar dan Dirham sbg matawang Islam".
* Anda boleh dapatkan produk 10 Dirham dan 100 gm Silverbar dgn pengedar yg terdekat anda tidak lama lagi.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kisah Penukaran Goldbar kpd Rantai Tangan

Sambungan artikel Pencetus Perak...

Siri lepas, kita telah bicara santai bab pencetus perak. Namun begitu, kali ini bukanlah kisah perak. Tetapi, rantai tangan 916 baru ha ha ha. Al-kisahnya adalah rentetan drp peristiwa yg melanda "group pemain emas". Bagi yg baru, pasti tidak mengetahui dgn detail perkara ini. Ia adalah berkenaan tawaran skim emas yg ditawarkan oleh beberapa syarikat. Syarikat2 ini ada yg besar dan ada masih baru. Sama ada baru @ lama, semuanya kecundang di tangan BNM @ sendiri bikin.. Ramai yg terjebak dlm skim ini, pelbagai latar belakang kerjaya dan pendidikan. Semuanya terkena.. Bak kata Ibrahim Pendek, "Mari kita lihat siapa yg kena... Oppss!!! 'Biarlah Rahsia, kata Dato Siti.

Ironinya, kes ini masih dlm siasatan dan masih belum dibicarakan. Sedia maklum, maka yg menjadi mangsa adalah para investor. Walaupun masih ada ketulan emas di dlm ar-rahnu, tetap mereka akan kehilangan 45% drp jumlah nilai emas yg dibeli dahulu. Ibarat dek krn nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Apa tidaknya, pihak ar-rahnu BR sudah tidak menerima jongkong serta syiling. Bagi para pelabur emas, sudah pasti akan merasakan sedikit kesusahan. Tekni pajak dan beli sudah tidak brp relevan (???!!!) lagi. Jongkong emas yg ada sudah tidak boleh digadai lg sekiranya mereka memerlukan wang...

Atas kerumitan yg dialami, kita telah melancarkan Program " tukar goldbar kpd barang kemas". Bro Omar mencadangkan kita membuat satu platform menukar goldbar kpd rantai tgn. Objektifnya agar mereka Dapat memajak emas jika diperlukan dgn mudah. Dengan satu design standard yg mementingkan mutu "karat" agar nilai gadaian akan lebih besar @ tidak downgrade. Maka, sambutan agak menggalakkan.. kira2 hampir 2 kg juga transaksi yg berlaku. Bukan sahaja para investor, malahan org lain yg tidak boleh memajak di Ar - Rahnu BR juga memberi sambutan. Alhamdulillah, sekurang2 nya kita memberi peluang atau jalan kpd rakan2 di luar sana utk terus berkecimpung dgn emas ini, atau sekurang2nya membantu mereka mengurangkan risiko kerugian.

Kehangatan program ini tidak berhenti setakat itu sahaja. Ia diserikan lagi dgn pelancaran PublicJewels baru2 ini. Wah...! Public Gold pun buat barang kemas... Harga pasaran dan tanpa upah..... Hu hu hu pasti ramai ejen yg akan menjual barang kemas pulak ye... he he he. Lepas ni mungki boleh wat kedai pajaka pulak kut... Boleh bersaing dgn Ar-Rahnu lain.

Namun begitu, itulah impak dan kesan drp skim2 spt itu. Memang menarik, sehinggakan idea kita menukar goldbar kpd rantai tangan pun turut disambut oleh rakan2 niaga kita yg lain. Pemilik syarikat skim2 spt ini haruslah tampil muka dan berikan penerangan jika mereka adalah benar. Begitu juga dgn penasihat2 yg tertentu, berilah komen dan penerangan yg sebenar.. Jangan lari drp org ramai. Jangan diibaratkan melepaskan kemuncup masing2 sahaja... Jika kita orang yg dipercayai oleh ramai orang, kita mestilah memberikan kepercayaan tersebut.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cuci emas dan perak di Bazar Tengku Anis, Kota Bharu

Pintu masuk ke Bazar Tg Anis
Tempahan bangle diukir nama

Kedai TUKANG EMAS di bazar Tg Anis Kota Bharu menawarkan perkhidmatan mencuci emas dan perak dgn harga yg berpatutan. Harga dari RM 3 ke RM 5 sahaja. Pasti anda akan dapt melihat perbezaannya nnti. Apa yg menarik ialah mencuci cincin, di mana teknik "polishing" digunapakai. Teknik ini jarang didapati di kedai2 emas biasa krn ianya leceh dan lambat. Tukang2 emas dann perak kami sedia melakukan teknik ini dgn harga yg rendah.

Mari cuba ke kedai kami di Bazar  Tg Anis, Tingkat bawah Plot 122. Sambil menjamu mata melihat kecantikan kain2 batik dan tudung2 menarik, singgah ke kedai kami utk menanyakan tempahan anda. Harga upah tempahan adalah berpatutan, sesuai dgn harga pembukan kedai baru ini.

Gambar lain di Bazar Tg Anis

Gambar Masjid Muhammadi drp Bazar

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pencetus idea Perak dikomersilkan

Amacam.. Cantik tak 100 gm silver bar nih....
(Keluaran pertama Malaysia)

Ini lagi CANTIKKKK......
Saya terpanggil untuk menulis sedikit hari ni. Maklumlah, market tutup hari sabtu. Baru balik dr tempat kerja terus buka PC. Boring gak,kat J.E tak ada org... ada mamak jer.. lps tu terus senyap sunyi he  he he ( kena banned kut.. sorry la mamak..)

Saya masih teringat lagi, mula2 menceburi bidang ini pada pertengahan tahun 2008. Saya kenal dgn admin J.E pun hanya melalui telefon jer.. Selepas tu, saya mula mengenali Bestino Gold, Etika Emas, AFA Gold dan Public Gold serta bermacam2 lagi. Sehinggalah suatu hari saya menelefon hamba Allah drp Kedah, dia ni ejen kesayangan PG di utara. Saya booking Public Dinar, banyak tak banyak juga ada dlm 4 keping jer.. Harga, masa tu baru RM 480 1 dinar hu hu hu

2 minggu selepas tu, barulah berjumpa dgn sahabat drp Kedah ni. Kami berhenti minum di warung berdekatan dgn bangunan KWSP. Pertemuan singkat diatur itu hanyalah untuk menyerahkan PD yg saya beli. Di samping itu, dia turut memberikan saya satu dozen penimbang emas untuk dijual.. "hu hu hu.. boleh ke aku jual ni..." bisik hati kecil aku sambil tersenyum. Pada masa itu, saya melihat sahabat ni memang seorang yg optimis dan dinamis. Mempunyai cita-cita yg tinggi dan iltizam yg jitu...

Selang beberapa hari kemudian,  satu panggilan telefon berdering... ... !!! Ya, selepas pada itu memang acapkali menerima panggilan drp beliau. Tetapi, panggilan hari itulah yg merubah segalanya.... yg memulakan episod baru dlm kalangan Jutawan Emas serta suku sakat mereka yg lain. "eh... kau pergi cari silver raw kat sana....!!!! , kata sahabat ini.. "Apa??? silver raw???" aku tersentak dan terkejut... "Rupanya pun aku tak pernah tengok.. camana aku nak cari...???" balas aku sambil ketawa, tetapi dlm hati' betul ke mamat ni.. he he he.Lepas u dia sambung lagi, "kau... bla.. bla.. blaa.. blaa.. blaa... " O.K aku balas pantas...

Silver raw

Dalam percaya atau tidak, esoknya terus saya cari kenalan dan kaki... Orang melopong dengar cakap saya ni.. apa taknya, cakap dgn org yg tak kenal dlm bidang ni, sape nak percaya.. Tetapi, Alhamdulillah. say berjumpa dgn seorang sahabat di KB yg byk menolong. Dia juga merupakan seorang tukang emas dan perak. Setelah lebih drp 10 Kg dapat dikumpulkan oleh saya (dlm masa 1 mggu tuh...) Sahabat saya dr Kedah turun sekali lagi ke Kota Bharu.. Cantiiikkkk.... kata dia. Kali ini saya berjumpa dgn dia agak lama.. sebelum maghrib, selepas Isyak... sampai pukul 2 pagi kat belakang Royal Guest house..Dia pun bercerita lah tentang potensi perak dan sebagainya...

Selepas pada itu, kami telah membuat pendedahan mengenai perak ini... segala kebaikan dan keajaiban logam in serta sejarahnya.. Penerimaan agak perlahan, sehinggakan sahabat saya membuat sendiri kepingan silver. Dia lebur dan cop sendiri.. Kami promosikan dan cuba pasarkan.. Dangan bantuan rakan2 niaga di Kuala Lumpur dan Johor, akhirnya dapat juga kami menembusi market perak ini. Pelbagai, kerenah dan tanggapan orang ramai hatta sahabat sendiri mengenai pelaburan perak.. Ada yg percaya, ada yg tidak dan ada yg melopong.. Pelbagai cara promosi dilakukan, sehinggalah saya menhasilkan blog bernama "SILVERHUNTER" ini... dan sahabat saya dikenali dgn blog 'PublicDirham'. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, ke mana2 saya pergi, sama ada Road show Public gold ke AFA gold ke saya tetap menjaja cerita perak

Dirham Pertama Malaysia

Memang ada yg pandang serong, dan ada juga yg memandang rendah dan mengatakan yg saya cuba mencari publisiti murah. Hatta Mr B***son (PG) sendiri pun pernah bercakap yg saya ni penjual jalanan haram kerana tak ada sesiapa nak certified yg perak ini betul2 tulen atau tidak... Ewah-ewah, mentang2 kau ada company besau nak berlagak dan cakap cam gitu kat aku... Ingat aku pencuri ke..
Marah betul saya masa tu, dan sejak drp itu, apa2 aktiviti PG di Kota Bharu saya tidak terlibat. Hatta emas PG pun dah saya jual kesemuanya he he he..

Tetapi sekarang ini, dah ramai sahabat2 kita yg menyokong dan ramai pula yg menjual pelbagai jenama perak ini. Tak kira la... dibawa masuk drp luar negara atau pun tempatan. Bercakap pasal tempatan, mana ada syarikat yg keluarkan lagi.. (betul jugak ye...) Yg ada hanyalah mungkin syling peringatan utk memperingati sesuatu acara spt Commentwelth, Keputeraan Sultan dsb.. Syarikat tempatan yg keluarkan jongkong... hanya ada drp Kedah.. Omar Kulim.. Ha, itu dia sahabat saya tadi.. Omar Kulim.. he he he Alhamdulillah kami juga telah mengeluarkan Dirham (syiling perak) yg diadaptasi drp Dirham Nusantara.

Dan baru-baru ini, majlis pelancaran Public Silver telah dilakukan.. Nampaknya, Omar akan dapat masuk ke dalam Malysian Book of Record la.. sbb syarikat pertama keluarkan Jongkong dan dirham.. he he he heTak gitu. Baguslah, sekurang-kurangnya, idea yg dicetuskan oleh kami atau bro Omar secara khususnya, telah diterima orang ramai. Dan syukur, dengan pelancaran Public Silver, sekurang-kurangnya ia telah meng"ia"kan usaha kami sebelum ini. Bukan sebab apa, kami mencetuskan ini kerana ia memberi manfaat kpd orang ramai sebenarnya. Di samping Dirham sebagai matawng sunnah, perlulah kita bersma2 memperkenalkan kpd masyarakat luar...

Rantai tangan 916 keluaran syarikat kami

Sekian.... selepas ni bab barang kemas dan rantai tangan pulak ..he he he Kira maca rentetan peristiwa la.. gitu..



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